• 100% natural and 100% pure
    as silk cocoons are grown without being exposed to harmful chemicals which makes them safer for cosmetic use.
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  • Goodness that comes from nature
    Silk Protein
  • Sericin,
    The miraculous protein of the gold silk cocoon
    Prevents skin discolouration, sagging and the effects of wrinkles with its free amino acid sequence
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  • Wrap Your Baby in Silk
    Special Formula for Your Baby
    Nourishes, Protects Skin, Provides Barrier Integrity Against Sensitivities.
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Silk molecules can absorb water ten thousand times their mass and can remove excessive fluids with its porous structure and maintain an ideal amount of moisture for the skin.

It provides effective protection from the absorbtion of the sun’s rays, one of the most important skin ageing factors.

It tightens the skin through keratinocytes on the skin, both by maintaining the balance of moisture and cellular metabolism

The thin film that is formed on the keratin tissue provides protection to the skin from external effects and soothes sensitive skin.

Colour differences occur on the skin as a result of the oxidation of tyrosinase. The serine amino acid in the silk protein prevents this enzyme activity.

The goodness that comes from nature


According to historical sources, since ancient times, it has been remarked upon that the Japanese women who worked in sericulture, the production of silk and with silk yarn always had youthful hands. Since those times, the women of the Far East who discovered the effects of silk on the skin have used silk for cosmetic purposes.
Silk protein is produced by processing silk from the silkworm. Our hair and skin consists of keratin which has the same structure as silk.


- The structure of silk proteins is similar to the structure of human skin and hair. In this respect, the silk proteins that tend to keratin tissue show their functions through keratinocyte cells. The dermis layer cells that make up the top layer of our skin are keratinocytes.

- Our skin wears out and ages due to biological causes and damage from the sun’s rays.

- Silk proteins have the ability to absorb UV rays perfectly, preventing cellular DNA damage caused by these harful rays and counteracts oxidation.



According to legend, during the reign of the Chinese emperor Hoang-Ti who reigned in 2600 BC, a caterpillar was eating a mulberry leaf and weaving a cocoon in the palace garden. Upon seeing this, the emperor ordered the examination of this caterpillar’s life and gave this task to his wife, She-Ling-She. After a long period of time, the queen eventually determined that silk could be drawn from the cocoon and it could be used for weaving. As a result, She-She-Ling is known as a silk deity in the history of silk making.

Breakthrough Innovation

Therasilk products carefully preserve the purity of precious silk and develop product formulations with the same precision.


The benefits of silk protein have been revealed in light of many scientific studies. It is a gift from nature that we can use safely and as it is natural and pure it is safe to use even for babies